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Model-Free Control (RL)

Notes of lectures by D. Silver.

For problems like elevator, robot walking and the game of Go, MDP model is unknown, but experience can be sampled; or MDP model is known, but is too big to use, except by samples. Model-free control could solve this.

  • On-policy learning
    • “learn on the job
    • Learn about policy $\pi$ from experience sampled from $\pmb{\pi}$
  • Off-policy learning
    • “learn over someone’s shoulder
    • Learn about policy $\pi$ from experience sampled from $\pmb{\mu}$


On-policy Monte-Carlo control

  • Greedy policy improvement over $V(s)$ requires model of MDP:
  • Greedy policy improvement over $Q(s,a)$ is model-free:

$\epsilon$-greedy exploration

  • Simplest idea for ensuring continual exploration
  • All $m$ actions are tried with non-zero probability
  • With probability $1-\epsilon$ choose the greedy action
  • With probability $\epsilon$ choose an action at random

On-policy Temporal-Difference learning

MC vs. TD control

  • TD learning has several advantages over MC:
    • Lower variance
    • Online
    • Incomplete sequences
  • Natural idea: use TD instead of MC in out control loop
    • Apply TD to $Q(S,A)$
    • Use $\epsilon$-greedy policy improvement
    • Update every time-step



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Every time-step:

  • Policy evaluation Sarsa:
  • Policy improvement $\epsilon$-greedy policy improvement

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$n$-step Sarsa

  • Consider the following $n$-step returns for $n=1,2,\infty$
  • Define the $n$-step Q-return

  • $n$-step Sarsa updates $Q(s,a)$ towards the n-step Q-return

Forward-view Sarsa($\lambda$)

  • The $q^{\pi}$ return combines all $n$-step Q-returns
  • Using weight $(1-\lambda) \lambda^{(n-1)}$
  • Forward-view Sarsa($\lambda$)

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Back-view Sarsa($\lambda$)

  • Like TD($\lambda$), we use eligibility traces
  • Sarsa($\lambda$) has one eligibility trace for each state-action pair
  • $Q(s,a)$ is updated for every state $s$ and action $a$
  • In proportion to TD-error and eligibility trace

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Off-policy learning

Off-policy control with Q-learning

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